What are the main advantages of taking Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets?

It has an optimally balanced formulation

Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets combines vitamins, minerals, trace elements and ginseng in proportions that improve well-being and restore vital energy. The standardised G115® Ginseng extract contained is of very high quality and purity.

It is clinically tested

For Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets many clinical trials have been conducted and all indicate that the product is helpful in improving physical performance. A recent clinical trial has shown that the combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and the standardised G115® Ginseng extract contained in Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets improves quality of life.

It is safe

The safety of Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets has been demonstrated conclusively in several clinical trials, and has been confirmed by the extensive use of the product in the last few decades. A recent observational study has shown that Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets does not influence blood pressure parameters, nor does it cause any weight gain.

When should Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets be taken?

Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets combats symptoms caused by fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion, ageing and convalescence. It is also appropriate when stress, poor diet and illness impose additional demands on nutrition and when vitamins and mineral supplementation is needed.

Is the Calcium content enough to prevent osteoporosis?

The Calcium content of Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets is not enough to prevent or to treat osteoporosis. A complementary Calcium supplementation in this case is therefore advised.

Does Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets stimulate appetite and cause weight gain?

Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets regulates the appetite without causing weight gain. This has recently been shown in an observational study that confirms the experience by users during more than 3 decades.

When should Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets be taken?

The general recommendation is to take Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets during a meal (breakfast or lunch).

How stable are the components?

The components and the capsule itself are tested for stability. The expiry date on the label shows how long the capsules are stable without any changes of the constituents.

Can Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets be taken by athletes?

Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets has been tested and declared free from any doping substance, according to the guidelines of the International Olympic Committee. Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets may, therefore, be taken by athletes even during competitions when doping checks are made.

It is safe to use Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets after the expiry date?

As long as the bottle has not been opened, or if opened is used within a reasonable time frame e.g. one month, microbiological purity can be guaranteed. However, do not take Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets if the expiry date on the packaging has passed. After the expiry date we cannot guarantee complete microbiological purity, given the strict testing conditions.

How can you be sure of no contamination?

As a crop, the quality of Ginseng roots can vary significantly from one farm to another, and even from one harvest to another. Without proper quality-assurance guidelines, contamination with chemicals and pesticides is possible. However, today, due to our extensive efforts in working with farmers and supervising the cultivation and harvesting processes, almost 90% of incoming ginseng batches meet our high Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets standards.

Does Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets interact with other medication?

If you are taking other medication before taking Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets, make sure you consult your doctor to ensure maximum safety, particularly check with your physician if you are taking or planning to take anticoagulants (blood thinning products), as ginseng might reduce their effect.

Can a person with hypertension take Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets?

In an observational study in which 1800 elderly patients were treated with Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets and monitored over a period of up to 21 months no changes in blood pressure were registered. Over many years, our experience suggests that Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets is not a problem for people with hypertension. For safety reasons, however, we suggest that you consult your doctor and ensure your health is monitored when you begin to take Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets.

Can Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets be taken in pregnancy?

No clinical data are available with the use of Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets in pregnant women. Using the recommended dosage, there is no evidence that Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets represents a risk for the foetus during pregnancy. As with many other medicines, an assessment of benefits versus risks should be made before Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets is administered during this time. According to general medical practice, the use of this product by pregnant or breastfeeding women should be decided by the prescribing doctor. Alternatively, Pharmaton® Matruelle, a combination of multivitamins and minerals with Omega-3 fatty acids is an alternative and targeted choice for this group.

Are there any known allergies to Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets?

Some people may have developed known allergies towards any of the components of the product. The composition of the product should therefore be studied carefully and in the case of known allergies, your doctor’s opinion should be sought before taking Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets.

Can Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets cause nausea?

Very rarely, nausea after intake of Pharmaton® Capsules/Caplets has sometimes been reported. We believe that this problem may be caused by a temporary or permanent hypersensitivity to the gelatine contained in the capsule shell. This, however, sets in generally after the first intake; it is often transient and subsides after a short period of treatment. If it persists, then we usually advise the consumer to stop taking the capsules.


How does Pharmaton® Kiddi® work?

Pharmaton® Kiddi® has a special, balanced formula of carefully selected vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. This provides support for a healthy physical development in children. Its special formula is designed to give your child´s body the micronutrients it needs during specific stages of growth: nothing more and nothing less. Pharmaton® Kiddi® is easily digested. For more information on how each ingredient in Pharmaton® Kiddi® works, visit the "composition" section of this website.

What are the active ingredients in Pharmaton® Kiddi®?

Pharmaton® Kiddi® contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids - all carefully selected for a healthy development of infants and children. For more information on how each ingredient in Pharmaton® Kiddi® works, visit the "composition" section of this website.

Is Pharmaton® Kiddi® safe for small children?

Pharmaton® Kiddi® has been used by millions of children over many years and has been known to be safe for children. Paediatricians recommend it to support healthy development of children. Pharmaton® Kiddi® is specially formulated to ensure that it contains no ingredients that can harm growing bodies. It is recommended for all children above the age of 12 months. Like any nutritional supplement, Pharmaton® Kiddi® should only be taken as directed. Your pharmacist or healthcare professional will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Where can I buy Pharmaton® Kiddi®?

In a lot of countries, Pharmaton® Kiddi® is available in pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist for further information about availability and price.

Is Pharmaton® Kiddi® suitable for diabetics?

If your child has diabetes, please check the nutritional information on the packet leaflet, or ask your paediatrician.

Is Pharmaton® Kiddi® suitable for children with coeliac disease?

Pharmaton® Kiddi® does not contain gluten, therefore it is suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Can Pharmaton® Kiddi® be given to children under 1 year of age?

Pharmaton® Kiddi® is not recommended for infants less than 1 year old, as up to 1 year of age infants have a slightly different metabolism compared to older infants.

Can Pharmaton® Kiddi® be given to children when taking antibiotics?

Please check with your doctor whether Pharmaton® Kiddi® can be given in parallel with an antibiotic treatment. As a general rule: Pharmaton® Kiddi® is best given after antibiotic treatment, when the body is weakened and needs support. It can also be given as a support during antibiotic treatment, but it might not be absorbed properly or some vitamins might interfere with the antibiotic activity. From the point of view of medical treatment, the intake of vitamins after antibiotic treatment is important.

Can we give Pharmaton® Kiddi® to overweight children whenever they need multivitamin supplement?

Multivitamin supplementation is intended to restore energy and support metabolic activity. Provided the children are not suffering from any metabolic disease, Pharmaton® Kiddi® can help if coupled with exercise and a healthy diet.

How does Pharmaton® Kiddi® restore the appetite?

Vitamins and Lysine are known to regulate appetite in a natural way.

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