Get inspired: Michael

Breaking away from your stable job to follow your dream is both exhilarating and terrifying. It takes a certain level of self-conviction and courage to ‘go it alone’ that most of us simply don’t have, but as Michael, Fund Manager, has shown – the rewards can be great indeed.

How did you end up in a demanding career like finance?

Since I left university I knew I wanted to work in financial markets. Having studied and lived abroad I came back to Greece in 2002. At the time things were not too good and it was hard to find a job in financial markets, so I started working for an elevator company as a financial controller, a very good and well- paid job. A year passed and I got a call for an interview at a Greek bank, so I went. The Job was for a junior position in trading, even though it paid half what I was being paid, I left my job and went to do what I really wanted. After 4 years I became the head of the desk where I stayed for another 2 years. In 2010 I left the bank together with my partner to launch our own fund.

What was it like going off on your own like that?

In July we sat down and tried to figure out what we did wrong, and since then we have done very well. We are now relocating to London and the prospects are looking great.

“It’s never easy, and it’s never without obstacles”

What was it like going off on your own like that?

First of all I really like what I do. I think if I didn’t really love what I do, I would have quit – numerous times! Sometimes it doesn’t make financial sense to continue, the only reason you continue to fight for it is because you really love it. That is what makes the difference. It’s never easy, and it’s never without obstacles, and sometimes it’s with 10 obstacles at the same time.

Another thing that inspires me is the fact that we have created an environment where everyone feels comfortable and everyone is having fun. Going to work without feeling that you are going to work is an amazing experience, and I think that is how everyone feels at our Fund. Our goal is to become bigger and provide the level of service all clients deserve. We only abide by best industry practices and sometimes we even go further, trying to be a step ahead of the changes we expect to come. It’s tough, but the challenge to compete with the best in the industry and do as well as they do is very exciting and thrilling.

What would your ‘one piece of advice’ be?

I will steal this one if that’s ok. This is a quote by the actor Steve Martin: “Be so good, they cannot ignore you”. I think that quote says it all! 

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