Get inspired: Silke

When most people think of dedicated marathon runners, they probably imagine lean men and women in their early thirties, or the Kenyan superstars breaking world records on TV. For Silke though, a 55-year-old Restaurant Manager, the passion for long-distance running was something that came much later in life.

How did you end up becoming a marathon runner at 55?

I’ve never had a very active lifestyle, and the hours I work in the restaurant industry don’t make it easy to keep a regular fitness schedule. But I’ve always loved to watch marathons on TV, and always wanted to feel that sense of accomplishment. I began to run whenever I could find the time, and gradually built up my endurance. I found some running buddies who were also new to running, and we encouraged each other to keep going. At age 50, I ran my first marathon, and I’ve been addicted ever since!

What inspires you about what you do?

I’m inspired by the feeling of accomplishment I have when a race is complete – to see all of the hours of hard work pay off. I’m also inspired by other runners who have only began to run later in life.

What would your ‘one piece of advice’ be?

You’re never too old – so don’t underestimate your potential! 

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